• 2018 37th choral chant/ classical singing and mountain hiking
  • Two concerts with Orchestra and soloists:
  • Mornings will be dedicaded to individual vocal technique and/ or in small groups
  Françoise Soula

Come singing!

From the   15th of July   evening to the   29th July    morning 2017, the association Massat Musique Montagne   organiszes its 36 th choral chant/ classical singing training, mainly devoted to vocal technique. This training will be lead by    Pierre ESPIAUT , lyric tenor and choirmaster

Come hiking!

In the frame of the   " Massat hiking club ",and alternative with the singing,   discover the pyrénees ariégeoises. Three days will be devoted to mountain hiking. Three différent level groups will be set up  (from the easied based  on the heritage to  the smost challenging).