Le programme
For this 37th edition, the course offers:
- The Mass of Requiem in D minor: major and emblematic work of Mozart's compositions.
And in addition to the requiem the following motets:
- "Misericordias Domini" KV 222 (205a)
- "Alma Dei creatoris" KV 277 (272a)
- "Ave Verum"
Depending on the strength and the balance of the voices of men and women it will be possible
to add the motet "Venite populi" KV 260 (248a) which is in double choir
Requiem Mass in D minor by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, composed in 1791,
is a work from the last year of Mozart's life.
To the intrinsic quality of the work, are added various circumstances
that have helped to surround it with a special aura, both because
of the unusual circumstances of his command that the difficulty of distinguishing
exactly what was the hand of Mozart and what was not,
death having interrupted the composition.
Written by a weary and anguished man by the feeling of an irrevocable weakening,
 the Requiem traverses with an impressive emotional force the various feelings fel
 at the approach of death: revolt, sadness, search for an appeasement ...
 In addition to its pure musical beauty, this is how this Requiem touches us so much:
 what is expressed is universal.