Training course

In 2018, the training course will take place from the 14th  (afternoon) to  the 28th
of July  (late morning). The activities themselves will start on the Sunday morning the 15th of July and will end on the evening of the 27th of july.

• Choristers
The course is dedicated to those who wish to deepen their musical expression through the medium of choral chant. A dedicated vocal coaching will help you to better use your vocal abilities and to improve your technique.
All singers must have red the partition before the beginning of the course (Links to partitions are available program part).
For the balance of the various voices as well as to ensure the quality of the final result, the organization reserves the right to refuse participation.


• Choristers
Training days for the choristers will be as follow :
Vocal warm from 9 am to 9:30 am.
Practice of choral singing at 6 hours of rehearsal per day divided in three sessions. Typical timing : 9.30am to 12pm, 4pm to 6:30pm and 8pm to 10pm.
In addition to the singing course, 3 days will be dedicated to mountain hikes.
One or two half-days are reserved for the discovery of local heritage.
And one evening will be kept for an open stage: everyone, individually or in group, willing to share with the others his/her/their practice, could present a song of their choice, vocal or instrumental (bring your instruments and partitions if you wish).

Two concerts will take place at the end of the training, to present the work performed during the 9 days. An orchestra of 12 professional musicians Mozart orchestra from Toulouse) will accompany the singers. The dates for the concerts are the following :
Saint-Girons : July 26th
Massat : July 27th


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